Top Model Series – LEE HYE JUNG 李惠贞 –

Top Model Series – LEE HYE JUNG 李惠贞 -

韩国名模 Lee Hye Jung 打头阵, 率先成为 Harper’s Bazaar HK 5月号封面人物!
近年的她更由模特儿界转战娱乐圈, 拍摄韩国综艺节目及纪录片, 向名人方向发展!
想知道更多? 密切留意SUNESEE 的网页啦!!

Hye Jung recently gets tapped to grace the COVER of Harper’s Bazaar – May issue. Let’s start a “Style Trek” with Hye Jung! She’s getting started on her journey as a celebrity, performs in Korean variety shows & documentaries. Wanna know more about our top models? Please go and visit the website of SUNESEE !

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