2016 DAY6 SHOWCASE IN HONG KONG – Hi-5 Session

2016 DAY6 SHOWCASE IN HONG KONG – Hi-5 Session

日期: 2016年1月15日

地點:  Music Zone @ E-Max

時間: 演出結束後

*排隊區將會設於Music Zone場外



  • 排隊區將會在演出結束後於Music Zone場外開放。
  • 參加者必須持有並出示當晚演出門票之正本以作核實,未能提供有效之門票或遲到者即當作棄權論,主辦單位將不會另作任何安排 (於Hi-5活動開始前未能到達皆屬遲到論)。
  • 排隊次序將跟據列印於演出門票上的排隊號碼作先後次序。
  • 屆時請按現場工作人員之安排及排隊進場。
  • 為確保當晚活動進行順利,請勿送禮、擁抱、索取簽名、攝影及錄影。
  • 活動當晚如發現任何違禁或危險物品,大會將有權沒收該物品 (違禁或危險物品包括: 攻擊性武器/專業攝影及錄影器材/自拍棍/超過A4大小的粉絲牌) 。
  • 如有任何爭議,主辦單位將保留一切最終權利。







2016 DAY6 SHOWCASE IN HONG KONG – Hi-5 Session

Date:   15 January 2016

Venue:          Music Zone @ E-Max

Time: Doors Open After Show

* Queuing area will be set up outside of Music Zone


Hi-5 Session participation details:

  • Queuing area will be opened outside of Music Zone after the show.
  • Participants have to present their original tickets for verification. Failure to provide a valid tickets, any late attendance or absence will not be allowed to attend (No re-arrangement for participators who fail to arrive before the Hi-5 session started).
  • Please follow the arrangements instructed by the staff members on site.
  • In order to keep the line moving smoothly and efficiently, strictly no gift-giving, hugs, autographs, photos and videos.
  • Organizer reserves the right to decline any prohibited items to be brought into the event. (Prohibited items include: Assault weapons/ Professional cameras and video cameras/ Selfie sticks/ Fan banners or light boards bigger than A4 size)
  • If any dispute arises, Organizer reserves the final decision.


* If there is any inconsistency or ambiguity between the English version and the Chinese version, the Chinese version shall prevail.


[To all DAY6 fans]

There is a chance DAY6 members might take photo with the audience during the show day!!!

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