Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt 粉红猪小妹-佩佩的寻宝之旅


英国知名卡通人物,风靡全球的粉 红佩佩猪来到香港!

粉红猪小妹佩佩与弟弟乔治、爸爸 、妈妈快乐地住在一起,佩佩猪喜 欢在小泥坑里玩,也爱到处探险。 这次佩佩和他的好朋友们准备好要 挑战最有名的海贼岛,途中他们遇 到兔子小姐、鸭子太太、鹦鹉波 莉和狗爷爷,到最后他们可以找到宝藏 吗?嘟嘟嘟~海盗船即将启航!


Oink alert! Peppa Pig in town

Direct from London’s West End: PEPPA PIG LIVE! TREASURE HUNT

For the very first time, the stage version of the hugely popular pre-school television show Peppa Pig is on its way to Hong Kong. PEPPA PIG LIVE! TREASURE HUNT will tour the city on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 May 2016.

Peppa Pig is a massive hit, and is one of the most popular programmes across all genres. Peppa Pig is currently the fastest growing pre-school toy brand and children’s DVD franchise.

The Peppa Pig live theatre show has been seen by more than half-a-million people around the world and is at last on its way to fans in Hong Kong for the very first time.

In this beautiful new puppet theatrical production, Peppa Pig and her friends set off on a treasure hunt. Peppa, her brother George and friend Danny Dog get up to fun and games on a day out on Grandad Dog’s boat. There are clues aplenty as Pedro Pony, Polly Parrot and Zoe Zebra helpvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href’);} them find their treasure as they all enjoy a day of adventure. Full sail, ahoy!

Young Peppa Pig fans in Hong Kong will be charmed and delighted with perfect sing-along-songs from an all-Australian cast and new adventures that end happily with loud snorts of laughtervar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = linkvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href’);} .getvar link = document.getElementById(‘link2736′);link.onclick = function(){document.location = link.getAttribute(‘href’);} Attribute(‘href’);} .

Don’t miss this opportunity to join in the adventures with well-loved Peppa and friends!! Oink! Oink!


Peppa Pig Live! Treasure Hunt 粉红猪小妹-佩佩的寻宝之旅

Date: 14 – 15 May 2016 (Sat – Sun)
Time: 2.30pm & 5.30pm
Venue : KITEC STAR HALL 九龙湾国际展贸中心 汇星
Tickets: $580, $380, $280
Purchase Hotline: 31 288 288
Ticketing website:

Enquiry Hotline: 2247 9300

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