《Passion Island》

Release Date: 6 Sept 2012 (Hong Kong)

Director: Kam Kwok-Leung 
Writer: Kam Kwok-Leung, Lam Fung
Cast: Simon Yam Tat-Wah, Joan Chen, Chang Chen, Janice Man, Francis Ng Chun-Yu, Song Jia, Maria Cordero, Bob Lam, Tiffany Lee Lung-Yi, Bryan, Angie Mak, Victor Huang Weide, Alex Yen


Simon Boss runs an island and holiday spot called Passion Island that grows a purple narcotic plant called passion weed. This weed is under investigation by the FDA who send Joanna, Simon’s ex wife, to investigate. Two guests at the island are wheel chair bound Fan Li and her fiancé Chu Yu. Fan Li is hoping passion weed will cure the hopelessness that Chu Yu and she feel. The other two people on the island are Janice who is Simon’s god daughter and the man she is guiding, Korean Chuell Kim.

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