《Young and Dangerous:Reloaded》


Release Date:  3 Jan 2013
Director: Daniel Chan Yee-Heng
Producer: Wong Jing, Manfred Wong
Writer: Manfred Wong
Action: Philip Ng Won-Lung

Cast: Him Law, Oscar Leung Lit-Wai, Dominic Ho Hou-Man, Lam Chi-Sin, Philip Ng Won-Lung, Paul Wong Koon-Chung, Sammy Sum Chun-Hin, Michelle Hu, Jacqueline Chong Si-Man, Winnie Leung Man-Yi, Denise Ho Wan-Si, Sin Lap-Man, Joman Chiang Cho-Man, Felix Lok Ying-Kwan, Jim Chim Sui-Man, Bob Lam, Timmy Hung Tin-Ming, Tam Ping-Man, Simon Lui Yu-Yeung, Calvin Poon Yuen-Leung, Alex Man Chi-Leung, Kimmy Tong Fei


This film is a reboot to the series. On a dark Mongkok night, May, the cousin of Dai Tin-Yee (Dominic Ho), was gang-raped to death by Med King (Deep Ng) and his men. The furious Tin-Yee, together with his buddies, Chan Ho Nam (Him Law), Chicken (Oscar Leung), Pou-Pan (Jazz Lam) tracked down Med King to revenge May’s death. As Med King was under the wing of Ugly Kwan (Sammy Sum), a leader of the Hung Hing triad, Kwan gave orders to get rid of Ho-Nam by all means….

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