Koji Tamaki Premium Symphonic Concert

Koji Tamaki Premium Symphonic Concert

Date :13 Nov 2015 (Friday)
Time :2015
Venue:AsiaWorld-Expo, Arena
Ticket:HK$1,280, HK$880 and HK$480

“destined to have a life with music”

Koji Tamaki has been a progressive leader in the Japanese music scene ever since his debut in 1982. His work ANZEN-CHITAI, along with his other solo accomplishments, are true manifestations of his stunning musical talent and resilience. This November of 2015 will mark Tamaki’s performance with a full philharmonic orchestra, in what he calls “destined to have a life with music”. With conductor Chiu Tsang Hei renown for his talent and multitude of musical creations, and world-class performers in the classical music scene, Tamaki’s deep, dramatic, and powerful voice will reach out to each and every one of you in the audience. His passion for music is the source of his romantic but embracing voice, and will surely lure you into a world of dreams. A one and only night filled with embodiment of unforgettable musical experiences is sure to be with you.



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