Where All Roads End

Director: Joe CHIEN

Producer: LAM Ka Tung, Gordon CHAN, Kevin TSE

Cast: LAM Ka Tung, Richie JEN, Jordan CHAN, Hanna CHAN


The stars of HKFA-winning crime thriller Trivisa – LAM Ka Tung, Richie JEN, Jordan CHAN – reunite for this intense survival thriller. Co-produced by LAM, Gordon CHAN and Kevin TSE, Joe CHIEN’s Where All Roads End pits three ordinary people against each other in a battle for survival inside a collapsed tunnel. It’s a violent and tense thrill ride that examines the primal instincts that are exposed when people are forced to fight for their lives.


Thrust into a helpless situation that reveal the natures of good and evil, the three male stars face off in a terrifying story about desperate measures. Who will survive and see the light of day again?

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