Hong Kong Action Auteur Soi Cheang Returns with Violent Thriller Limbo

Hong Kong Action Auteur Soi Cheang Returns with Violent Thriller Limbo
To Be Released in Hong Kong, Europe and the US in 2021

Hong Kong action helmer Soi Cheang (Motorway, Accident, and SPL II) returns with his signature violent action style in new film Limbo.

Penned by screenwriter Au Kin Yee (Running on Karma, Mad Detective), Limbo follows seasoned cop Jin (Hong Kong Film Award winner Lam Ka Tung) and a rookie partner (Mason Lee) as they track down an elusive serial killer through the dark alleys of stormy Hong Kong.

Shot in Hong Kong’s desolate areas, Cheang imbued his deep feelings for the city into the film’s visual style.  “The story is about how in the margins of affluent cities, there will inevitably be communities that are forgotten or about to be replaced — a splitting image of what’s happening in Hong Kong.” Cheang said.  The visuals, shot through the masterful lens of cinematographer Cheng Siu Keung (Drug War, Election) on sets designed by HKFA winner Mak Kwok Keung (Ip Man series), transforms Hong Kong into a suspenseful noir nightscape.  To replicate the feeling of a nightmarish purgatory, 15 trucks of garbage were brought onto location as props every day for three months during filming.

“This film means a lot to me,” Cheang said, “Hong Kong cinema has had its golden era, and like everything else, there will be ups and downs. Even though many opportunities are available outside the city, we will keep making Hong Kong movies.”

Limbo took more than eight years from concept to the big screen.  After delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, post-production of the film is now completed.  The film is slated for a 2021 theatrical release.

Limbo is financed and distributed by Sun Entertainment Culture, Erdong Pictures Group and Bona Film Group.  Wilson Yip (Ip Man series) and Paco Wong (SPL series) serve as the film’s producers.  Editing and music are done by Cheang’s long-time collaborators David Richardson (Accident,) and Kenji Kawai (Ip Man series).   Shan Ding is consulting on the film as its International Distribution Consultant.

For enquiry,
Sun Entertainment Culture Limited
Quin Lau   quin.lau@suneg.com
Shan Ding (International Distribution Consultant)  yuinshan@yahoo.com




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