Apart from being a writer and director of films and drama performances, LeeFIRE is the Art Director of 61 Productions as well. He is experienced and multitalented in acting and creating. LeeFIRE has participated i n more than 80 drama productions, including ” Prison de Ballet “, ”LOKAMOHI MAMIBA”, “BIG NOSE” and “Good Morning Manhattan!”. He is also a popular radio programme host, lyricist and columnist. One of his drama productions will be made into film of genre of black humor.

In 2009, LeeFire first directed the film “Give Love” and co-directed with Joe Ma. After joining Sun Entertainment Culture Ltd in 2012, his large-scale musical “The Cheapy Dogs” was self-composed and self-directed, which staged five times. His directorial debut film was “Love In Time”.

In 2014, he directed another black humor film, “Robbery”, which won The 19th Montreal World Film Festival – Audience Awards: Best Asian Feature (Bronze Prize) in 2015.


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